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exergia’s experiments – Schmidt Wheel 2

1) The Idea: Diodes with control rods
The orientation of the diodes should only change between horizontal and upright orientation with a slope only to the right or only to the left side. So we connect the pivoted diodes b to the end of the spokes with radius r and control the swinging movement via a control rod connected bp to the other end of the diodes.

2) Configurations with 1,2 and 3 spokes and diodes up and down

3) Simulation: Method of virtual displacement
To calculate the driving torque i.e. the tangential force Fr (unkown) resulting from the gravitational force Fm (known) acting downwards on the diodes, we use the method of vitual displacement. Here we choose an numerical attempt: Find the displacement dM of the center of mass of the diode when the spokes are rotated about dAlpha. Energy conservation yields to:

dM * Fm = dAlpha * r * Fr

4) The simulation results

Useful links:
2d mechanical simulation software: Working Model 2d
See also this page, may be nothing useful is inside:
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Torque and math

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