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exergia’s experiments – LightRotor Rotary Candle Lantern

We are always glad to get some help from friends testing new prototypes. Ok, sometimes we combine it with having some beer and it looks more like an Irish pub then a testing lab. But don’t be fooled: there are really results helping to improve the things …

Many thanks to Esther, Dorothee, Tomas and Thomas

And: The LightRotor is ready for shipping and you may order here: LightRotor – Rotary Candle Lantern

Filed under: exergia's projects,lightrotor,solar chimney — exergia posted 11/08/2011 at 4:10 pm

LightRotor – Rotary Candle Lantern

Our latest product: Inspired by Buddhist prayer wheels, Chinese lampions, experimenting with paper folding …: An illuminated and rotating lampion driven by a candle. Or more technically: a simple demonstration of the conversion of heat into a rotational movement i.e. kinetic energy.

LightRotor – Assembly Drawings


LightRotor – Rotary Candle Lantern


LightRotor – Glowing Candles

The kit comes in a flat box 24x24x4cm and is easy to assemble in several minutes without gluing. You may order here www.newenergyshop.com

Filed under: art,lightrotor,solar chimney — exergia posted 07/06/2011 at 12:59 pm

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