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More Ideas in Light and Energy - The Blog

Power Fluids – Possible Fluids for Minto Wheels, Rankine Cycles …

All kind of Rankine or steam engines need a suitable  fluid, that reacts to heating with an increase in pressure. The increased pressure of the fluid will be used to drive a piston, a turbine blade, lift a mass … and generate power. In this sense the fluid can be called “power fluid”. The following charts show graphs of the vapor pressure (bar) versus the temperatures (°C) for several fluids. The second chart uses a logarithmic vertical axis. The fluids are:

1. Propan – C3H8
2. Refrigerant R134a
3. N-Butan – C4H10
4. Refgrigerant R254fa
5. Dichlormethan (Methylenchlorid) – CH2Cl2
6. Aceton – C3H6O
7. Methanol – CH4O

The solid red curve shows the pressure rise of normal air resulting from isochoric (constant volume) heating. Note: this is only a limited collection and not all of those fluid have been tested for a steam engine application.




Filed under: cogeneration,minto wheel,rankine engine,thermodyna,Uncategorized — exergia posted 27/08/2012 at 12:18 pm

Strandbeest 2 – further simulations of Theo Jansen’s artificial walking creatures

A small  C-programm has been developed to simulate the walking mechanism of Jansens’s creatures. All legs in a assembly on one side have a common fixed hub. Every  leg  is connected via two bones to a rotating mechanism, which synchronizes and drives the movement of the legs. The program generates the locations of the joints between all “bones”,  the trace of the foot and rotating driving mechanism. The output is piped into the plot program gnuplot to visualize and animate the movement.


Filed under: air engine,art,strandbeest,Uncategorized,walking mechanism,wind energy — exergia posted 15/08/2012 at 2:18 pm

New Product – FocusMirror35 – Solar Parabolic Concentrator

Small preassembled solar parabolic concentrator. The concentrator mirror is made of 24 Aluminium strips with a high reflective coating. Diameter of the total mirror is 35cm, power in the focal plane with direct sun ~50 W. The unit comes with a small black coated pot. A demonstration unit of big solar cookers.

You may order the concentrator here: New Product – FocusMirror35 – Solar Parabolic Concentrator

Filed under: exergia's new products,solar concentrator,solar cooker,Uncategorized — exergia posted 11/08/2011 at 12:03 pm

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