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HeatPower High Temperature Stirling Engine.. Product #: 1051 Regular price: €910.00 €910.00 10000



Product Code: 1051
Availability: 10000


Generate electricity with Stirling Engine technology: HeatPower is a combination of an alcohol powered Stirling engine with an electric generator. To achieve a transparent design most parts like the piston/cylinder, the flywheel and the base plate are made of glass or acrylic plastic. The electrical unit consists of a DC generator and a rocker switch for connecting either the built-in light bulb or the jack sockets for external loads. A few minutes after lighting the alcohol burner (included), the engine will run at about 1,000 rpm. The coupled electrical generator produces up to 1 Watt of electrical power to drive the light bulb or an external load. HeatPower may also be used to demonstrate the principle of a heat pump. By connecting the generator to an external voltage supply of 12 V DC, it operates as a motor. Depending on the polarity, i.e. the direction of its rotation, the displacer glass cylinder will be cooled or heated. A great demonstration of the conversion of heat into electrical energy and vice versa.


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