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Presentation model for the visualization of the "Carbon2Chem" project. The functional or illustrative model should show the process chain from CO2 to a chemical product (methanol or ethanol) and its subsequent further use (engine, fuel cell, ...).

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Strandbeest Kit

Simulation of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest

Theo Jansen whom I visited years ago in his atelier in the Netherlands is an engineer, sculptor … an artist. While offering a nice cup of tea he explained his main project of the last 15 years. Starting with a computer simulation he calculated the right lengths of the elements of a mechanical linkage that is able to convert a rotation in a kind of walking movement.

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The Penrose-Escher staircase - an apparent, geometric "perpetual motion machine" Things are not what they seem. And sometimes this leads to problems because the anticipated shape of things are in conflict ..

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Thermobox - Measure Heat Transfer

Thermobox – U-Wert / Wärmedurchgang messen, Ausbildungs-Messplatz Wärmedurchgang messen: Die Thermobox wurde im Auftrag des Institut für Nachhaltige Technische Systeme – INATECH entwickelt. Ziel war die

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We find a multitude of independently running processes that are accompanied by an increase in entropy. Examples are temperature equalization, mixing, evaporation, etc. Such processes can be viewed as sources of entropy. The basic idea for an entropy engine is to use these entropy sources as a kind of "driving force" and thus to transform a certain proportion of ambient heat into exergy in a (semi-) reversible process, which is then used for any energy services (movement, light, heating etc).

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Marble Machine – Glockenspiel with Marbles

M3 - Marble Machine / Make music with marbles and a Glockenspiel You probably know the glockenspiel: A set of metal plates in a row. The sound is made by striking those plates with mallets. What about using metal balls instead of the mallet, which fall onto the chime bars and thus make the sound? That is the basic idea of M3, the Marble Music Machine! Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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