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Candle Stirling Engine ecorun2.1-kit – Learning Kit

The new Version 2.1 of Candle Stirling Engine Kit has been finished

We are glad to announce the new edition of our Candle Stirling Engine kit ecorun2.1-kit. The kit includes all parts of version 2.0 but in a much nicer box. Additionally every kit comes with a construction guide, several detailed assembly drawings and a description of the engine’s function both in German and English language. These guides are folded to two 7cmx7cm sized flyers and are also inside every box. So we hope everybody likes the new version … :-)

The cylindrical Can: Packaging and Engine’s Housing

The Printed Paper Strip around the Can

The Text on the Can

This little Stirling engine is powered by the heat of an ordinary tea light candle. The kit is packed in a can that becomes the engine’s housing and includes a candle and all necessary parts (~150) to assemble the engine and the candle rack. No gluing is required. Only a few basic hand tools are needed.
Build time is 2-3 hours.
Operation: The displacer plate moves the air inside the sealed housing between the hot lower and cold upper covers so that the air is alternately heated – increasing its pressure, pushing the power piston up, rotating the shaft connected to the displacer and the propeller – and cooled, reducing the pressure to pull the power piston down to complete one rotation of the shaft and start the cycle again.
Safety Instructions: This Stirling Engine is not a toy and not suitable for children under the age of 14! When running this engine use the same safety precautions as for open flames – burn injury hazard.

A Look inside the Can


The Kit’s Parts and the two Manuals

The assembled and running Engine

You can buy the kit from the exergia webshop.

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