Candle Car Kit

Candle car with thermoelectric drive – Kit

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This kit demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy using the Seebeck effect. As in solar cells, electricity is generated directly through processes at the atomic level without moving mechanical parts. The atomic oscillations coupled with heat lead to a gradient in the distribution of electrons and thus to an electrical voltage. Thermoelectricity

A simple household tea light is the fuel for this three-wheeled car. Place the candle car on a flat, smooth surface. Then fill the upper cooling water bowl about a third full with cold water and light the tea light. The resulting temperature difference on both sides of the thermogenerator generates an electrical voltage that supplies the drive motor of the front axle. After a minute or two, the candle car slowly picks up speed. The car drives straight ahead or can be steered along circular paths with an adjustable radius by turning the middle joint (screw with wing nut). The speed can be further increased by using water from the refrigerator and adding ice cubes.

An assembly drawing and instructions for assembly in German and English are included.
Dimensions: diameter ~100mm, height ~150mm
The running time with the included tea light is 3-4 hours.

Building Instructions