Exhibit for the presentation of the Carbon2Chem project
Client: Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion
Thermobox - experimental station for measuring heat transfer
Client: INATECH University of Freiburg
M3 - Chime Marble Machine with Arduino
exergia - Educational Toy
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exergia designs and builds demonstration models, experimental systems, trade fair and museum exhibits in the MINT area and wherever the interplay of technology, IT and design should be made "understandable". A special focus is on the subject of energy conversion and energy storage: How can sunlight be converted into kinetic energy, what concepts are there for generating mechanical energy and electrical power from heat? What can a hydrogen storage system look like? With our kits and models we want to encourage building, experimenting, thinking ...

Stirling engine, steam engine, memory metal, thermoelectricity, ..

Development of functional models, experiment stations and exhibits

Ideas, patents and developments
in the field of STEM and energy