Solar Hydrogen Storage System

Complete storage system: solar module, electrolyser with gas storage, fuel cell, electrical consumer

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The SolarStorageSystem contains a solar module, an electrolyzer, storage containers for hydrogen and oxygen, a PEM fuel cell and an electric motor. All components are mounted on a base plate and already connected to each other. A detailed operating manual with test descriptions is included. SolarStorageSystem is an ideal experimental system for getting started with solar hydrogen technology.

Technical data


  • Dimensions 20cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • Permissible voltage 0 – 2.0 V DC
  • Permissible voltage 0 – 2.0 V DC
  • Power 1W

Fuel cell

  • Generated voltage 0.4 – 0.9 V DC
  • Power 500 mW

Solar cell

  • Open circuit voltage 2.0 V DC
  • Current 350 mA DC
  • Power (MPP) 500 mW