Heat of your hand Stirling engine - Kit

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Body temperature is actually sufficient to operate the low-temperature Stirling engine Ultra: place the engine on the palm of your hand. After a few minutes it can start with a slight push. The motor can be operated with any heat or cold sources that lead to a temperature difference between the top and bottom plates of approx. 10° Celsius. Experiment with different heat sources: exposure to sunlight, a cup of hot coffee, a computer monitor or ambient air/ice cubes... Exciting demonstration of the development of force through heating and cooling.

This low-temperature Stirling engine has been designed to provide hand heat, requiring a temperature difference of only 3 Kelvin to operate. When designing the GT02, emphasis was placed on transparency. That's why the working cylinder is made of precision glass and the displacement cylinder and the flywheel are made of acrylic glass. This means that the movement of the working piston, displacer and crank mechanism can be tracked at any time.

Due to the matt black coating of the top plate, it can also be operated as a solar motor by irradiating it with an intense light source (sun, desk lamp). For this purpose, we deliver the top plate anodized black as standard. The motor also runs very well if you place it on a cold surface at room temperature, e.g. an ice pack from the refrigerator.

The heating chamber is sealed by two O-rings, which also serve to fasten the top and bottom plates to the housing wall. The assembly is carried out using a releasable snap connection. To minimize friction losses, the crankshaft and both connecting rods are mounted in precision miniature ball bearings. Since the working piston runs dry in the working cylinder, the GT02 is absolutely maintenance-free.

Depending on the heat of the hand or the ambient temperature, the GT02 silently reaches a speed of approx. 100 revolutions per minute.


The kit contains all the necessary parts and assembly instructions. All parts are prefabricated and may need to be deburred. To assemble you only need simple tools such as a screwdriver, pliers and a two-component adhesive. In about 2-4 hours you can create a fantastic little Stirling engine that can actually be operated with hand heat, hot coffee or ice cubes.

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